Doha vs Dubai – An expat comparison

Basically, Comparing Doha with Dubai is like comparing apples with water melon. Which looks pointless, however there are many aspects one has to take under consideration for a comparison sake of personal preference.

It has to be clearly said that if someone is comparing Doha and Dubai or for bigger horizon Qatar and UAE in general for tourism point of view, UAE takes the lead by any standard. So the following write up is only for those who are aspiring work and has a choice to move either to Doha or Dubai (Qatar or UAE) in general.

For someone who lived in Dubai for even small amount of time and than move to Doha will for sure be a depressing experience. Talking about advantages of UAE over Qatar, here are some points advocating the scenario:

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New Year Resolution (The Financial Aspect – 2014)

This happens every year, and normally people get off track pretty quickly, sometimes as quick as mid-February :).

Whatever mentioned in this blog is tried and tested, not just word of mouth !

Healthy finances are the single most driving factor of our lives and most of the times we tend to brush it under the carpet (mostly unintentionally), the term “unintentional” is used because no one wants to drain their hard-earned bucks for nothing but eventually it happens with many of us. Following tips and rule of thumb will make sure that we stick to our plans and stay financially healthy not only for next year but for the rest of our lives: Continue reading