Rufi Global City – Problems

Rufi Global City, a housing project initiated somewhere around 2003-4 in Karachi, Pakistan is yet to be handed over to the plot owners even after more than 12 years of starting. The builder has been promising the possession to allottees since 2008 after getting full payments from them. Till date there is no final date from the developer apart from the usual excuse of lease being on hold.

Following Facebook page has been organised by disgruntled plot owners to raise the voice regarding the builder’s silence over the issue and to give a platform to all the affectees to raise the voice and share common concerns:

Please LIKE the above Facebook page for interaction.


2 thoughts on “Rufi Global City – Problems

    • Although Rufi Builders have taken full payments from those who have booked plots on their mega project, Rufi Global City, they are not willing to hand over the possession of our plots to us. They keep on playing time wasting games and have a very non serious attitude. Life time savings of thousands of people are at stake but these greedy builders simply do not care.

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