Ban Israel, Ban Facebook, Ban Whatsapp

What more ? Yeah, Having online rant of million of people for banning things produced in Israel and supporting the cause of Palestine!

Having came across thousands of tweets and posts on Facebook regarding the proclaimed brands allegedly from or relating to Israel in one way or the other which includes but not limited to IBM, Intel, Siemens etc. The below brochure  is circulating on social media like crazy since Gaza has been under attached from ruthless Israeli regime. Continue reading

men let their partner choose their clothes

Men’s shopping and women’s advice

The other day I was having a good time along with my family in one of Dubai’s nice mall, roaming around while searching for good deals here and there. While browsing, i came across NEXT where there were large posters boasting the 75% sale. I went inside with my younger son (as a good husband atleast I can help my wife with half the trouble) and start to pick the cloths on offers fitting my size. When I finished selecting, I asked my wife to take care of the kids and went to the trial room. That was the point which provoked me to write down on the phenomenon I sometime fail to understand.

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