Ban Israel, Ban Facebook, Ban Whatsapp

What more ? Yeah, Having online rant of million of people for banning things produced in Israel and supporting the cause of Palestine!

Having came across thousands of tweets and posts on Facebook regarding the proclaimed brands allegedly from or relating to Israel in one way or the other which includes but not limited to IBM, Intel, Siemens etc. The below brochure  is circulating on social media like crazy since Gaza has been under attached from ruthless Israeli regime. Continue reading


Terrorism in Pakistan – Statistical View !

Terrorism is the menace  that has taken the whole world into its fear.  However in last 10 years it has claimed more lives in particular countries than even the worse war torn countries. Paksitan is one of those countries in the world who has seen more deaths of its citizens due to terrorism than any other nation without being directly involve in any kind of war. Suicide bombings and maniac gun assaults have been common in Pakistan due to various reasons. The purpose here is not to be judgmental but to present the number of killings and other information in graphical format. The data used here is taken from the news and media reports as per the compilation from South Asian Terrorism Portal (, however the analysis is made in house by

In complete analysis, the data for 2014 is only valid till mid 6th July 2014. While the army has launched an offensive Operation Zarb-e-Azb which is expected to be successful.

Chart 1 shows the total number of deaths in Pakistan since 2003 on monthly basis. The rise of fatalities through 2007 called for operation Rah-e-Nijat in South Waziristan area in 2009. The operation has not brought the end of trend in fatalities, citing to the reason the terrorists are still using North Waziristan as their hatcheries. Government has been reluctant to go for operation in other parts of Pakistan where the terrorists are operating because of the fallout to normal public living there along with other reasons.

Trend of Terrorism related Deaths in Pakistan

Chart1: Trend of Terrorism related Deaths in Pakistan (Click chart to open in a new window for high quality)


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Based on lots of feedback to have the complaint registered against the criminals referred to in the earlier post :

The victim has registered a complaint in CPLC. As per CPLC, the complaint can only be entertained within 2 days of any incident, but they accepted the application after some reservations. This is the best a responsible citizen could have done. Lets see how the authorities react to it.

I shall be keeping this post updated based on any feedback / remarks.

Karachi Phone Snatcher – Pictures

This is important, and happened to someone very close recently (I don’t want to name the person here so as to keep the identity hidden). This happened to someone living in Karachi 10th time in last 5 years. So basically on an average every 6 months he is been the target of this. Yes, paying the price to live in Karachi … getting your phone snatched is just a normal thing over gun point… The person who is going through this every 6 months is on a defiant mode and always buying a better cell phone than the last… However, the last cell phone which was snatched was connected through his google account and apparently whatever photos he was taking through the mobile were being uploaded on his google account as soon as the phone gets into data coverage. Continue reading

Pakistan and Afghan nation deserve answers from Gulfnews !

The fine morning today, when I went out of my appartment to pick the newspaper, I was shocked to see the text on it !

This was how it look like while lying on the floor:

Gulf News bashing Pakistan

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men let their partner choose their clothes

Men’s shopping and women’s advice

The other day I was having a good time along with my family in one of Dubai’s nice mall, roaming around while searching for good deals here and there. While browsing, i came across NEXT where there were large posters boasting the 75% sale. I went inside with my younger son (as a good husband atleast I can help my wife with half the trouble) and start to pick the cloths on offers fitting my size. When I finished selecting, I asked my wife to take care of the kids and went to the trial room. That was the point which provoked me to write down on the phenomenon I sometime fail to understand.

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The success of

Internet has been around for a long period of time. Perhaps for young blood, it’s as old as television. Depending on the location in the world, the internet space has been revolutionized in the past decade. For US and western Europe, the internet has already done wonders in 2000s what it’s doing for lets say Middle eastern market now. Take the example of E-Commerce, It was there since more than a decade now in developed countries, but was not changing lives in Middle east at that time, although it was present throughout but people were not comfortable doing transitions online. Continue reading