men let their partner choose their clothes

Men’s shopping and women’s advice

The other day I was having a good time along with my family in one of Dubai’s nice mall, roaming around while searching for good deals here and there. While browsing, i came across NEXT where there were large posters boasting the 75% sale. I went inside with my younger son (as a good husband atleast I can help my wife with half the trouble) and start to pick the cloths on offers fitting my size. When I finished selecting, I asked my wife to take care of the kids and went to the trial room. That was the point which provoked me to write down on the phenomenon I sometime fail to understand.

There was this good-looking guy, who was in his early 30s and had a trolley full of cloths to try from the sale items. The more I see his condition, the more I pity him. Without exaggeration he tried atleast 10 shirts and almost same number of trousers along with a few t-shirts. With each trial attire he comes out from the trial room to show to his wife disturbing her from her own shopping. I started admiring the patience of his wife with which she was dealing him. Although she was giving him best of the advice according to her approach, but the guy was too much confused and was not able to decide. Eventually, he finalized on 3 pairs of shirt and trousers mostly endorsed by his wife after may be 30 minutes of expedition.

The whole episode of this guy and many others in daily observation, it is interesting how come people with good senses gets so confused while buying their own clothes. While I admit that the women’s sense for fashion can be as good as gents even for men’s clothing but why does a man have to rely on woman to a point that he cannot even go out for shopping for his own clothes alone. There can be numerous reasons for this:

  • The particular man is faltering most of his life, so shopping is also not an exception. In this case the guy needs to be with someone for shopping either its wife, girl friend, a friend or just anyone in order to decide.
  • There is a lot of love between the husband and wife that the wife cannot decide without the men and vice versa, but this might be very rare reason of this phenomenon.
  • The husband just shows his wife how much her advice maters, so he pretends that he is asking her to decide on his cloths and eventually buys a few from her choice too.
  • Wife might be doing daily maths for the guy ! Because some men do not really care about the price of what they are wearing, the wife plays the role of watch dog so as to make sure the guy is getting value for money.
  • Sometimes the guy absolutely have no sense on dressing, while the woman wants him to look decent, so she dictates from there

A few days back I came across Davide Cameron’s wife who always shop for him here:
Indeed prime minister of UK has better things to work out than shopping for clothes, but not all men are UK PM 🙂

There was a case where the guy once went to buy his shoes and when the salesman asked for his size, the guy had to call his wife as she is one who shops for him and he even does not know his own size.

Someone might agree or disagree with this, but there can or cannot be consent over what the other partner wears but taking it to a level where the gentleman is not decisive over the clothes he wear shows somehow the lack of decision-making process.


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